Embratecno preferentially acts in different supply areas for establishment of large-scale industrial enterprises, such as:

      Off- Shore


Pulp and Paper

Power Generation                                                     












Services provided by Embratecno :

Expediting, Fabrication Inspection and Technical Evaluation and Training in Manufacturing Firms.

In order that the work will be carried out as expeditiously as possible, Embratecno has relied increasingly on engineers and technicians

who provide services for:

  • Expediting Services
  • Fabrication Inspection
  • Analysis and compilation of data books
  • Technical Evaluation of Companies
  • Supervision and Coordination of Assembly
  • Coordination of Transport
  • Supply of qualified manpower for inspection
  • Technical Evaluation of Equipment
  • Supervision and Control Works and Industrial Assembly
These services are performed in:
  • Boiler Equipment

  • Mechanical Equipment

  • Pressure Equipment

  • Metal and Non Metallic General Materials

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Instrumentation

  • First delivery from suppliers of customers (technical assessments)

  • Construction and Industrial Assembly (supervision and control)

Special services with professionals (qualified / certified)

The company has qualified and certified professionals by SEQUI Petrobras, and FBTS SNQC such as:

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Welding Inspectors

  • Level 2 Painting Inspectors

  • Level 2 Dimensional Control Inspectors

  • Qualified Manufacturing Inspectors as standard N2033 PB

  • Non-Destructive Test Inspectors for:

    • Liquid Penetrant Test

    • Magnetic Particles Test

    • Ultrasound


Support in Supply Area

Embratecno is structured and equipped to provide services related to the area of supplies such as :

  • technical purchases for projects

  • purchases of maintenance, including foreign purchases

  • Budget proposals for turn key

  • Providing qualified manpower to shopping services

  • Follow up of delivery and / or proposals




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